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wedding photography

For the romantics, the ones easily swept off their feet and the ones who believe in eternal love. For the ones who make the best memories with people close to them, the adventurers and the ones who focus on the love in every moment. For the ones doing the running man in the middle of the dance floor, the ones who give the best speeches and the ones who make sure everyone is having a great time.

I am a life long helpless romantic who cries at every wedding and every sweet detail and the stories of the best kind of love. I am also that photographer who joins you on the dance floor (I do a mean running man), makes sure you have everything you need and makes sure that the guests are joining in as well.  


Weddings fall easily into photography for me because not too much is scripted. Catching the emotions and expressions at the love and excitement of the day are part of what I live for. I see your love and make sure the tiny moments no one else notices are captured. I want to make sure you have your story told in the most accurate way possible.


My brides and grooms are always pleased to learn that I worked in wedding and event planning in New York City while I was in college. I use my experiences in both life and as a previous event planner to time the best shots and lighting to make sure your day is captured just the way it deserves to be captured.It's not just a day, it's a lifetime of memories.   


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diana + philip

The sweetest of all stories starts with these two, I mean I love you was written in the dirt in the parking lot as I pulled into the site. I was greeted with Diana and Philip knocking through the wall to each other in a game of finish that song and lots of laughter. wedding prep (hair and makeup and getting dressed) were smooth and like a party with best friends, so much love and laughter and good times. Wedding time came and if you weren't crying at how beautiful this wedding was, you were laughing at the cutest moments. The reception was incredible, the best kind of dancing, you know the kind where everyone is laughing but no to make fun of anyone. The kind of laughter where everyone was just having fun, the genuine kind. The wedding and the love that Diana and Philip have is exactly that, the genuine kind.