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meet your photographer

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Hello Friends! I'm Shelly, the lady behind the camera. What better way to find out if we vibe than for me to tell you a little about myself. 

Those four photos above are my family and boy are we an energetic bunch (notice my photo is a selfie because I am usually behind the big camera lol). When we aren't at dance or rock climbing we are busy homeschooling or gardening or playing with our three year old Australian Shepherd, Piper. I am a lover of Vintage Volkswagon Beetles and Buses, peace signs, Casa Del Vegano (for real if you have never been there, this is the best restaurant EVER!!!!), and Vegan Sushi. I am a major Hippie and a vegan, enough so that one of my Dance Mom Friends calls me "The Dancing Vegan". When my husband and I are without the kiddos (this doesn't happen too often) we like to listen to music, cook together and have a little party in our kitchen.  


I went to college at the University of Utah for two years where I studied interior design but ultimately ended up finishing college at New York University with a major in Music Management and a minor in event planning and management. I met my wonderful husband just after college and moved back to Texas shortly after.

I started doing photography back in high school, almost 25 years ago (go ahead and do the math on that one lol) and while it was just a hobby or favors for friends for a majority of those years, I began focusing on and professionally doing photography in 2016.I have had some amazing jobs and experiences in my life that have helped me become the photographer that I am now and wouldn't change anything on my course of life that has lead me to wear I am now. I have several years as a makeup artist as well as an intern for an event planner and worked for a major record label in NYC that help me in my wedding photography and having two wild and crazy kiddos gives me a heads up on what is fun for little ones during sessions.

My style of photography can be described as natural, lifestyle but sometimes I throw in a little off camera flash to add dynamic to images. My favorite photos are the ones that include a laugh or giggle or massive snuggle or movement. While I do also enjoy portraits from time to time the lasting memories and often best images come out of those moments in between. Those are the moments I want to capture for you so you can take a look back and feel all of those same feelings you felt during our session.


Also a side note to parents, I know how stressful sessions with kiddos can be, those photos above of my kiddos are really cute but believe me I had to have those conversations with them that included; "look in the camera", "leave your sister alone" and my favorite "if y'all do well for photos we can go to the lego store this week" (a little bribery is not frowned upon in our house as a last ditch effort). So relax, I promise I have your back in our adventures of photography. 


what a session with me looks like

now that we know each other, let's get into what a session with me is like.


before each session I like to get on the phone to chat or facetime with you to talk about the vision you have and to get an idea about everyone involved and how to make your vision and my vision combine into the best session ever. 

I start every session with this; "this is the worst photography schpeel ever but, I don't want to pose you. I honestly feel like when I pose you, you look forced. just be you and if there is something I like I will adjust you from there." that is usually followed by giving you prompts but no actual posing. my favorite sessions are the ones that are organic from beginning to end. I want to catch you in your element doing what is natural to you. this not only helps adults feel more comfortable but also makes kiddos feel more comfortable and more willing to participate. I feel like moments that evoke emotion are better captured than the ones where everyone is simply smiling at the camera. 

for non-event sessions, I tend to shoot after sunrise and before sunset outdoors and in studio during the day to get premium light in all situations. I try to learn as much as I can about my clients before sessions to make sure that we are in their element and don't feel comfortable in just being themselves

Once our session is over I post a sneak peak the day of and give you a more accurate estimate on how long it will take to edit your session. Once you receive the images they are yours to do what you wish with.