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dance + cheer ambassador program information coming February 1st 2024

Dance is life over at our house. Practice, Rehersals and Privates six days a week and our daughter wants to know why she isn't there the seventh day. She practices hard and loves having something to show for it outside of competition season, dance photos have become a wonderful way to fill in those moments and to document her process as time goes on. Each session turns more and more into a piece of art and new ideas are born after each session, leading to our dance ambassador program.

"There is something about photographing dancers that is so beautiful and limitless. This, this is where my passion lies in photography"

Shelly Poe



Our dance ambassador program allows for different dancers from different studios to come together and share in art and skill while building relationships as well as gaining photos for their portfolios for the future. We are looking for one to two dancers per studio from local DFW studios to participate with parents approval. Sessions will be new and innovative and have a journalistic flair.

Image by Knight Duong
Image by Adam Littman Davis

apply here

To apply fill out the form in the next box and tell us a little bit about yourself, your age, what studio you dance at, your favorite types of dance and any skills that may help you stand out. 

Applications will be accepted from July 22nd 2023 toAugust 7th 2023 and selections will be notified by August 8th 2023. Parent or guardian approval is required. 

For any questions please reach out to and I will answer them as quickly as I can. 

cheer ambassador open through September 10th

Thanks for submitting!