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dance is my specialty

while I do so many types of photography, dance photography is my passion and my purpose. I try to make sessions affordable knowing how expensive dance can be but I put all of my heart into each session and photo. feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas.

"There is something about photographing dancers that is so beautiful and limitless. This, this is where my passion lies in photography"

Shelly Poe

session rates



outdoor sessions

up to four locations depending on length of session

all edited photos included

limitless outfit changes

style consultation



in studio sessions

personalized background and lighting

style consultation

limitless outfit changes

all edited photos included



in studio + outdoor sessions

up to 4 locations depending on length of session

all edited photos included

Limitless outfit changes

style consultation




About the dance ambassador program

The SPP Dance Ambassador program is open to dancers of all age to be involved in literal artistry in motion. These sessions are through out the year and come with new ideas for each session. 

Dancers learn even more about body positioning as well as lighting through out the season and their photos and skills just grow so much though out the year. 


Our dance ambassador program allows for different dancers from different studios to come together and share in art and skill while building relationships as well as gaining photos for their portfolios for the future. We are looking for one to two dancers per studio from local DFW studios to participate with parents approval. Sessions will be new and innovative and have a journalistic flair.