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2023 Summer Dance Sessions

Summer Dance photos are here!!! To be honest I do dance photos all year but summer is when they really ramp up. This year is very exciting as I am going to feature new venues, new gear (lighting and lenses) and pre-session meetings to get a feel for what you are looking for, outfit ideas and styles we both have in mind for your session.

I started doing these photos a few years ago for a friend that wanted some fun photos of her daughter and then a few years later when our daughter, Riley, had her first recital, the photos from the studio were great but knowing the level of extra our daughter is, and to be completely honest, the level of extra I am; we wanted more. It became something that has grown over the past few years and to be honest I am so stoked about that. Dance Photos have become my favorite to shoot because the movement has no limits. Expressive outfits in cool backdrops make these photos more like a piece of art.

I have clients that have done dance photos with me through the years and it's incredible to watch how much they have grown over the years just by making sure I get the same skill each year. Usually capturing something simple, like a leg extension or a leap every single year is incredible. Tiny details like growth in flexibility, pointed toes and self assurance tend to just grow as time goes on in these sessions and it is so cool to see these photos side by side.

As we enter the summer, we are starting recital and audition season and I know from having a little dancer how important headshots can be. Most studios require them for auditions and some studios use them for photogenic awards in competitions for younger girls. With studios like our old one, that do their recitals in the middle of the summer, having these headshots are perfect for programs to showcase your tiny dancer as well. In all dance sessions I make sure that the first photos I get are headshots (before your dancer gets messy hair and possibly sweaty from the movement from the rest of the session). In our pre-session meeting we will discuss makeup looks and the best hairstyles for your dancers, both boys and girls.

When it comes time to book, each session is based on how many outfit changes you have and if you want more than one location. (I do keep sessions for ages 6 and under to one hour as burn out is real) We will set up a meeting time and talk to you and your dancer and see if there are any skills they want to highlight and if there is an outfit that needs special attention. My summer sessions usually have convention wear/ street wear or they showcase the costumes for the year, sometimes it's a mix of all of the above. I offer the entire gallery or the ability to chose only the ones that you love the most. Booking is easy, just go to the contact page on my website or reach out to my social media to book. Use the discount code SPPDANCE when you book and if you are a dancer from Dance Industry use the code DIPAC when you book. As with anything in the world right now there is a disclaimer, if additional costs are added to the session with props or fees from locations those will be added to the rate. Other than that one stipulation, I make the process as easy as I can. Photos will be delivered in 2 to 6 weeks (depending on the time of year- summer sessions are usually 2 weeks, closer to the holidays take longer) via the website PIC-TIME and you are free to use the photos as you see fit. See my summer schedule below to book location specific locations or reach out to me if you don't see a date that works for you.

I am offering a seasonal mini sessions package geared more towards the dancers that like the instagram posts that show versatility. These will be 15-30 minute sessions depending on dates and locations and I will cover the following holiday themes: New Years Eve, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Patriotic phots (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), Fall, Halloween, Christmas/ Hannukah. Some of these sessions will double up only because the holidays are so close, think NYE/ Christmas and Fall/ Halloween. Those sessions will go from mini sessions to 40 to 60 minute sessions so that you get your time to cover the looks you would like. I am offering this package for $450. My normal hourly rate is $625 per hour so this is a MAJOR savings compared to what I normally charge. That being said I also charge less for Dance photography because I am aware of how expensive dance is through out the year so I discount the summer sessions to make it a little bit more affordable.

Below are Images of either sessions I have done at these locations (note, not all of these examples show dance, some of them just show locations) as well as photos that are inspiration for what I am wanting to shoot. Again, if y'all have any questions or would like to book please reach out and I will help anyway I can.

Frisco Fair

Frisco Fair comes to town twice a year and they bring all of the color and fun to the session. We would shoot before working fair hours to optimize our backgrounds.

UNIK Studios

UNIK Studio is located in Downtown McKinney and boasts of ALL the natural light. The backdrop will be an all white slant wall with the ability to add color to the background. This session will use studio lighting as well as natural light.


I have purchased several yards of different color fabrics for dancers to either dance with or we can use and a motioned pop of color in the back ground. I prefer to do this outdoors but studio is also available for this session.

Dance Industry Performing Arts Center

Dance Industry is our dance home and we are simply obsessed with the beauty of this studio. This sessions gives a journalistic approach to your dancer's abilities and focus is more on form than a simple artistic approach.

Legacy West

Legacy West lends itself to more of a modern industrial look. Grays and blacks tend to make up most of the backdrop here. Outfits that have vibrant pops of colors are extremely recommended here.

Bishop Arts District

A FOREVER favorite of mine. Bishop Arts district is filled with so many different backdrops and graffiti walls that give a diverse portfolio to your sessions.

The Cotton Mill is a new crowd favorite, located in McKinney close to Tupps Brewery. This incredible location has indoor and outdoor options available for your session and the light is ALWAYS stunning!!!!

Downtown McKinney

Probably my most used place to shoot. Downtown McKinney has a cool city vibes that are perfect for a more urban look to your session.

VW Bus

My obsession in life is VW buses. They add a cool vintage type of feel to your photos and fills the hippie soul for those looking for that vibe.

Frisco Square

Nestled in the heart of Frisco, this single hallway has arches after arches and reflects the most beautiful golden light. Silks will be brought to this session but do not have to be used.

In Studio

This studio session will be located at the MillHouse in McKinney against a plain white black drop. Just as with UNIK studios we can add different color lights to the background or we can just shoot against the white beck drop using studio lighting.

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